About me

I am a registered member of the BACP and an insured psychotherapist. I work in a NHS London hospital in secondary care, and also at a highly specialised Clinic for Dissociative Disorders; as both a psychotherapist and support therapist. I am also a guest lecturer at Tavistock and Portman and am a speaker at the British Psychological Society. I have a private practice office in Soho.

I write regularly on mental health for Vogue, Refinery29, Modern Matters to name a few. I also consult for film and scripts for some large TV companies and production houses.

My main training was at Regent’s University and The University of Liverpool. I have also attended courses at The Bowlby Centre and the International Society for Trauma and Dissociation. I am committed to on going training and attend various courses and professional development seminars. I am an active member of the Society for Existential Analysis. I also hold a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from University of Liverpool.

My particular area of speciality is working with complex trauma and Dissociative Disorders. My current research, being undertaken at Regents University, is exploring a psychotherapists experience of working with D.I.D clients, which aims to add to the discussion and thought around this often under researched phenomena.

Below are some typical areas that I work with in private practice. I see a breadth of clients, from varying backgrounds.

  • depression, anxiety and stress

  • grief, loss and bereavement

  • trauma, neglect, deprivation, physical sexual and mental abuse

  • addictions (food, drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling etc.)

  • identity, meaning and purpose

  • relationship and interpersonal issues

  • disorders (Dissociative identity disorder, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders)

  • phobias

  • sexuality